JARVISS (Just A Really Very Intelligent System) is iO3’s shipboard digital platform solution that enables large troves of data to be transmitted efficiently, with built-in cybersecurity protection.

Key Features

  • Fully managed Firewall
  • Automatic Network Connection Switching
  • Web Portal Management
  • Data Traffic Acceleration
  • Cyber Secure Shipping
  • IoT – Vessel-to-cloud infrastructure


Delivery of data streams such as sending emails, to a web surfing session, to a scheduled automatic file transfer, to updating a weather charting software; all initiates multiple handshakes and acknowledgement packets over the satellite network.  Data session embedded with JARVISS acceleration feature ensures smooth transfer of data with improved service performance.

Spectrum Variation
Limited radio spectrum and base-station capability
Constantly changing bandwidth and improving propagation delays

Packet Loss
Reduce noise interference by other devices and congestion retransmission

End to end latency, improving protocol support for constantly changing situation
Eliminating snow-ball effect by intermittent failure of the service

Always ready, Always vigilant

JARVISS accelerates traffic by analysing traffic & routing conditions in real time to find the fastest route between the data source and the destination even on 3G/4G, satellite and many types of IoT radio networks. Advanced congestion control helps to control the amount of data being sent, avoiding bottlenecks and ensuring the smooth transfer of data.

A one-stop digital solution for your maritime needs

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