The partnership will boost planning and operations capabilities, creating safer and more efficient voyages, by harnessing the power of data.

Left: Mr. Jarrod Ho, Strategic Account Manager, APAC Region, DTN
Right: Mr. Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3 Pte Ltd

Singapore based maritime technology company, iO3, has announced a partnership with DTN®, a global data, analytics, and technology company, to improve and bolster weather intelligence capabilities onto its JARVISS Digital Platform. The move will see marine weather intelligence delivered through DTN Marine Content APIs added into iO3’s solutions, providing customers with a holistic overview of weather with correlations to performance, route optimization and carbon emissions.

With marine weather data ingested into V.IoT, customers can understand the vessel’s performance in relation to the weather experienced by their assets in the voyage. The cloud-based DTN Marine Weather API® uses inputs from global model providers, as well as proprietary marine-specific models, and multiple verification points, such as buoys and satellite observations, to deliver real-time weather intelligence and routing insights.

Additionally, customers will benefit from further integration with DTN Vessel Routing API® to support route optimization and carbon emission indexes through the soon to be launched V.Weather application. The carbon emission information on routes ties in with the IMO 2030 decarbonization campaign that aims to cut the carbon intensity of all ships by at least 40% by 2030.

Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3, states, “With weather intelligence to complement V.IoT shipboard data, routing decisions as well as shipboard performance monitoring will be much more holistic in the aim for net zero emissions.”

DTN Marine Product Manager, Jarco van den Brink, adds, “The shipping industry is consistently challenged with the impact weather has on efficiency, safety, and decarbonization goals and increasingly asked to report performance metrics. Through the integration of our marine weather intelligence into JARVISS, ship operators will have continuous insight on the factors that impact their operations so that they can make more informed and confident decisions in the moment. “

iO3 will integrate marine weather intelligence from DTN into:

1. V.IoT – an existing shipboard data aggregation solution where engine performance data is transmitted to shore near real-time. With DTN Marine Weather API ingested into V.IoT, customers can understand the vessel’s performance in relation to the weather experienced by their assets in the voyage.

2. V.Weather – an additional new JARVISS V.suite application to be launched in Q4 2022. V.Weather uses DTN Vessel Routing API, a vessel routing application where important weather information will be ingested into the route planning to help determine and display the most optimized route with relevance to carbon emissions and efficiencies.

Koh summarizes, “We are very excited about the DTN partnership and what it means for the future of collaboration and digitalization in the maritime industry.” iO3 has been at the forefront of maritime digitalization and is committed to increasing the robustness of its offerings through carefully curated technology additions that customers can increasingly benefit from.


iO3 adopts an innovative approach in the digital evolution for maritime customers today. They provide an integrated communication management platform delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity. Their overarching digital platform, JARVISS “Just A Really Very Intelligent SyStem”, is embedded with a transport accelerator protocol and secures all data transmission with AES256 encryption. It provides an open and participative infrastructure for applications to operate efficiently, allowing in-house applications (V.Suite of Services) and third-party software(s) to be integrated easily. 

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