Standing Left-to-Right: Mr. Vincent Chai, Lead IT Support Engineer, iO3 Pte Ltd, Capt. Amit Bhattacharya, General Manager QSHE, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore, Brian Gill, IT Executive, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore 
Front Left-to-Right: Mr. Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3 Pte Ltd, Capt. Masanori Okada, Managing Director, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore 

iO3 has been selected as the maritime digital solutions partner for “K” Line Ship Management Singapore. As part of “K” Line Ship Management’s digitalisation strategy, iO3’s competency and knowledge in shipboard equipment, satellite connectivity and advanced vessel technological solutions have proved to be the best-suited provider.

JARVISS, ‘Just A Really Very Intelligent System’, from iO3, provides an open and participative infrastructure for applications to operate efficiently, allowing in-house applications (V.Suite of Services) and third-party software(s) to be integrated easily.

In addition to being the vessel IT maintenance contractor for “K” Line Ship Management fleet of 21 vessels, iO3 has been selected to provide a suite of maritime digital solutions. With the successful completion of the proof-of-concept trials, “K” Line Ship Management will be rolling out V.Suite solutions and amongst these are solutions such as V.Sion, smart glasses with first-view real-time AR remote video conferencing; and V.Sight, camera surveillance system for visibility and video analytics of areas onboard.

“Our company takes great pride in providing the highest level of ship management service to all customers, in the field of global maritime transportation with over 800 seafarers and about 40 shore staff’ said Capt. Masanori Okada, Managing Director, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore. “We are constantly seeking for development & improving not only our ship’s quality but as part of our vision, we are deploying maritime digital solutions to optimise safety and efficiency.”

Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3 said, “We are very proud and happy to be supporting “K” Line Ship Management’s voyage to maritime digitalisation. In our era of digital transformation, quality and reliability is essential as a backbone to our deliverables.”

“Technology adoption is not about bringing the latest and trendiest buzz words; our focus has always been providing pragmatic and reliable solutions to our customers that yield the best results with minimum resource intervention. KLSM recognizes that.” said Mr Koh.

JARVISS, overarching maritime digital platform with its AES256 encrypted transport protocol, hosts a variety of native applications for adoption. With its array of benefits to ship owners, managers and operators, JARVISS from iO3 facilitates the maritime industry in digital transformation.

Signing Ceremony

Maritime Digital Solutions Partnership at “K” Line Ship Management Singapore office

Left: Mr. Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3 Pte Ltd
Right: Capt. Masanori Okada, Managing Director, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore

Left: Capt. Masanori Okada, Managing Director, “K” Line Ship Management Singapore
Right: Mr. Kenny Koh, CEO, iO3 Pte Ltd


iO3 adopts an innovative approach in the digital evolution for maritime customers today. They provide an integrated communication management platform delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity. Their overarching digital platform, JARVISS “Just A Really Very Intelligent SyStem”, provides an open, participative infrastructure for data to be transmitted efficiently, supporting enhanced integrated solutions, asset optimization, and delivery of secured critical applications. 

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KLSM Singapore provides a comprehensive range of integrated ship management services to its parent company “K” Line. They include technical and crewing management, quality/safety/health/environment control, and onboard internal audit and training. Assistance is readily available to its managed vessels round the clock as KLSM Singapore maintains an effective communication system between vessels and shore staff.