Using iO3’s solutions, TIPCO can gain clear visibility on their engines and equipment in real-time and improve operational efficiencies with remote control over their assets.

Crew member on TIPCO’s MT Tasco Anan using iO3’s V.Sion Smart Conferencing Solution

TIPCO has entered into a partnership with Singapore based maritime technology company, iO3, to improve the operations efficiency of their fleet. The collaboration will see TIPCO implementing JARVISS V.IoT, near real-time digital twin of engine & shipboard parameters; and JARVISS V.Sion, smart glasses that offers firstview real-time remote video conferencing solutions. With these functionalities, TIPCO will have both, clear visibility on their assets and the ability to monitor the performance of their engine and equipment in realtime.

Mr. Oscar Olav Palacios, Fleet Manager, Tipco Maritime Company Limited, states, “TIPCO Marine Group owns, manages and operates a fleet of eight state of the art asphalt tankers. The deployment of JARVISS V.Sion & V.IoT solutions from iO3 allows for surveys and audits to be done remotely and gives us the ability to monitor and be alerted of engine performance on our remote assets, something we are very excited about, especially when it comes to predictive maintenance and having more control over our vessels. The fact that the onboarding did not require changes to the systems we are already using on our ships made the decision to go with iO3 easy.”

Ms. Joanna Soh, VP Sales & Marketing, iO3 Pte Ltd, states, “TIPCO has embarked upon a drive towards digitalization and marine innovation projects and we are very excited about being selected as a partner in their journey. Through this partnership, TIPCO will receive shipboard data that is actionable, accessible and auditable. Moreover, these data insights coupled with ship behaviour analytics will further improve their ship and fleet operations in multiple ways, such as optimized maintenance, savings in fuel and lubes consumption, lower service costs and a reduced carbon footprint.

“At iO3, we are committed to improving shipboard infrastructure and the broader maritime environment. We will continue to enhance existing offerings and bring new maritime solutions into our JARVISS platform that will enable customers to measure all aspects of vessel operations and accelerate their digital transformation journeys.”

After the successful completion of the pilot project last December, which included successful audit calls via V.Sion and the extraction of engine performance data via V.IoT, Mr. Palacios stated, “We are pleased with the capabilities of iO3 and TIPCO is looking forward to extend our cooperation with iO3 in the future.”

The deployment roll out is expected to be completed for the entire fleet before the end of this year.


iO3 adopts an innovative approach in the digital evolution for maritime customers today. They provide an integrated communication management platform delivering IoT with built-in cybersecurity. Their overarching digital platform, JARVISS “Just A Really Very Intelligent SyStem”, is embedded with a transport accelerator protocol and secures all data transmission with AES256 encryption. It provides an open and participative infrastructure for applications to operate efficiently, allowing in-house applications (V.Suite of Services) and third-party software(s) to be integrated easily. V.IoT is a shipboard parameters aggregation solution that harnesses data to improve operational efficiencies and provides for business intelligence. V.Sion is a smart glasses video conferencing solution in providing quality remote support, expert guidance, smart operation & inspection.

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Tipco Asphalt Public Company Limited was established in 1979. The Company, its subsidiaries, joint ventures and associated companies are leading manufacturers and distributors of asphalt products for repairing, maintaining and constructing road pavements, highways and airport runways in Thailand and Asia-Pacific region. TIPCO Marine Group is a major contributor to the Company’s overall performance by defining a clear shipping strategy meeting the logistic requirement of the Company’s international wholesale and international retail business as well as the supply department. The Marine Group owns, manages and operates a fleet of eight state of the art asphalt tankers.