V iot


Enabling ships to achieve operational efficiency with improved fuel utilisation, safety and equipment preservation.

V.IoT aggregates shipboard data parameters, delivers them onto cloud and analyses the data to create value. These data are collected real-time, securely and on demand from existing onboard sensors and systems.

Interfaces with any kind of systems data source.

Facilitates the transmission of ship data over cloud.

Centralize data into real time informative user-friendly Business Intelligence (BI) interface.

Data Collection

Your Data, Our Expertise.

Delivering data over cloud and gathering information on variables of data parameters - feasibility for predictions, probabilities and trends.


Seamless Data Delivery,
Empowering Your Decisions.

Presenting collected data on a shore visualisation platform that display ship performance in near real-time as well as historically and, to individual parameters in the asset view.


Unveiling Insights,
Empowering Decisions.

Converting collected data into useful information to achieve the set out goals – variation of main operating & performance parameters.

Success Story
The V.IoT system provides key insights on fuel consumption and carbon intensity indexes for the company to continue with decisive actions in ensuring that Executive Offshore vessels further advance towards reducing their carbon emissions.

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