Cutting edge maritime technology solutions validated by top maritime classification society.

iO3, a leading provider of maritime digital technology solutions, is pleased to announce that ClassNK, one of the world’s top three maritime classification societies, has granted its Innovation Endorsement to three of the company’s V.Suite solutions – V.Pay, V.Sight, and V.Sion.

Hosted on the JARVISS Platform-as-a-Service, iO3’s V.Suite solutions encompasses comprehensive digital solutions tailored specifically for ships, seamlessly integrating various ship systems while leveraging real-time data insights to reduce complexity and enhance efficiency. These solutions are practical, effective, and well-suited for maritime applications.”

V.Pay enables crew members to access web and social interactions on Wi-Fi-enabled devices, managing internet data usage and tracking online activities conveniently. V.Sight utilizes AI-powered video analytics to enhance maritime security, addressing blind spots and providing real-time streaming for immediate access to critical information. V.Sion AR Smart Glasses facilitate real-time video calls, conferencing, and live streaming for expert guidance and collaboration, enhancing communication and enabling multi-party supervision.

“We are pleased to recognize iO3’s V.Suite digital solutions with our Innovation Endorsement,” said Masaki Matsunaga, Executive Vice President at ClassNK. “IT solutions exemplify the kind of forward-thinking innovation that is essential for driving the maritime industry forward. We anticipate the positive impact these solutions and certifications will have on the industry.”

“We are thrilled to receive the Innovation Endorsement from ClassNK for our V.Suite digital solutions,” said Joanna Soh, VP Sales & Marketing of iO3. “This recognition underscores the practical impact of our solutions, empowering ship owners and operators with advanced tools to optimize operations, enhance security measures, and drive efficiencies, ultimately boosting fleet performance in today’s dynamic maritime landscape”.

ClassNK’s Innovation Endorsement recognizes iO3’s exceptional dedication to advancing maritime technology. With this endorsement, iO3 is poised to lead the way in shaping the future of maritime operations through its V.Suite solutions, offering unparalleled capabilities in efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

From left to right: Innovation Endorsements Handover Ceremony at Sea Japan 2024
Noriyuki Kajita - Project Leader, Digital Transformation Center, ClassNK
Masaki Matsunaga - Executive Vice President, ClassNK
Joanna Soh - Vice President Sales & Marketing, iO3
Derrick Lim - Software Engineer, iO3


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ClassNK – Public Relations Team

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Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, known as ClassNK, is a technically oriented, private foundation and its principal mission of ship classification serves the public interest, and it is a non-profit foundation recognized as a general incorporated foundation in Japan. The Society is actively engaged in a growing range of ship related activities and services aimed at contributing to promoting the protection of human life and property at sea as well as protection of the marine environment.

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iO3 is a leading provider of Maritime Digital Technologies, offering a comprehensive range of solutions and services to optimize vessel operations, enhance safety, and improve overall efficiency. With a commitment to driving digital innovation in the maritime industry, iO3 empowers shipowners to adapt to evolving market demands and embrace the benefits of advanced technologies.

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